China National Gallery Part 2

Part 2 of the national gallery work. truely inspiring stuff. most of these are from the traditional chinese section.

here is the close up of mao. doesnt really look like him. oh yea angel said he was a great poet, writer, and modern calligraphy artist. but can we get back on track? i'm mad at this guy. he took away my Chinese New Year. Since the cultural revolution spread from beijing tons of the new year traditions are forgotten but survive in the south. so i didnt get any lion dances or dragon dances or wish trees. Mao. punch in the balls. Oh yea this is your chinese art lesson, this is one of 2 big styles. it's called "xie yi hua" xie yi painting. it is usually graphic with drawn lines unlike the other kind with black ink and brushes is called gong bi painting.

this scroll is awesome. they attach the painting afterwords.

this might have been my favorite in the whole place. not because i'm a weirdo 50 yr old housewife that has japonism fever but because i really appreciate "gong bi hua". this was huge and the details on the peacock were amazing. I guess i really love these kind of paintings because they are super expressive beacuse it uses quick spontaneous brush strokes that are obviously super skillful to express form, instead of using lines. you get the essence of the form, and they say that the human brain likes not having everything fleshed out, but likes when it has to fill in a little of the details by itself. So envious. if you see my work it is the opposite of this.

look at the details from the branches in the foreground!

wat a beaute!

i've said a couple times on this blog that there is almost no graffiti in Beijing. I actually saw this guy doing it outside the art store with a red marker! I wonder what happens if they catch you. I wonder if money will get you out of it. probably

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