Cover for Chico News and Review

This is the cover for maybe next weeks Chico News and Review, Chico is somewhere in California. The article is about guys that keep ending up in and out of the county jail there. Also I found the salt lake city cover on their website and I found the jazz times spread in this months issue on their website.

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Our first art show!!!!

We are having an art show opening Thursday August 17th at the Laila Lounge in williamsburg. It should be rad. It will feature the likes of Crotty, Gustavson, Yoshioka, Raish, Nebrowski, just kidding, who is Nebrowski anyway? More info to come.
Let's Grow! Art Show New Illustration show featuring editorial, children's book, comic, music influenced and tattoo influenced art. Artists: Esther Crotty, James Gustavson, Fumiko Yoshioka, Jason Raish, Stepahnie Buscema, Rob Harrigan, and Magie Serpica.

Thursday Aug 17, 8 PM
Laila Lounge
113 N 7th St
(b/w Wythe and Berry)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 486-6791

Yoshioka =
Gustavson =
Raish =
Nebrowski =

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Salt Lake City weekly cover revision AGAIN!

This is how it ended up looking, I found this on their website.

I had a conference call today with the paper's lawyer and some one else from the paper. They said that the dont want to take any chances and that i needed to change the faces of all the women as well now!!! So i did it, the girl with the glasses I pretty much made up so i didnt change her. 2 nights in a row of revisions, no sleep for me.

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Jazz Times Magazine Again

This is another jazz times magazine illustration, it will be in the october issue in a special education supplemental insert. the article is about jazz in the military.

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Revision! Salt Lake City Weekly Cover

They needed the face to change, which they had no preference before but now they do, so they needed me to turn this out overnight. no sleep is pretty awsome.

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Salt Lake City Weekly Cover

the cover for next weeks salt lake city weekly cover about the polygamist kingston family in utah that owns a huge part of the food service business that many people do unwittingly do business with and are indirectly supporting their polygamist lifestyle.

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