Chinese New Year Art "Nian Hua'r"

Art specifically to buy during chinese new year. at the Ditan Park Temple fair my friend Zizzo really wanted to buy what was in these bags, i had no idea what it was he just said if we all buy 4 total they will give it to us cheaper so i said ok. each bag ended up being 25 rmb. I didn't get to see what was inside until the week later and boy was I pleasantly surprised!

It turns out that it is "Nian Hua'r", Chinese/Lunar New Year Art. This whole package is pretty cool starting with the screen printed bag and next this "doorway" container.

these go on the sides of your door

these 4 guys with the red backgrounds are the 4 big gods of Chinese Buddhism, they don't have them in tibetian or other buddism. All this info is coming from Angel who is a wealth of information when it comes to this kind of stuff

This is the Ghost catcher god. Angel says there are usually captured ghosts under his feet

at the top of this thing is the old school 24 period calendar instead of 12 months.

don't know who these guys are but this guy is holding "longevity peaches" which are probably good to eat in the new year or something. Also my friend Jia jia calls me a longevity peach when i drink because i get rosy red and i have a huge head

here it is in action on my roomates door.

Illustration Magazine i got in Korea

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