I did this for the graphics lab at FIT. They said i could do anything i wanted as the image for their new promotional postcard. I said great! This is a Tanuki. they are a mythical Japanese raccoon-like creature that likes to get drunk and be mischievous. The often carry around their book of unpaid bills and a jug of sake. The background is modeled from memory after one of my favorite spots to drink in NYC "Kenka". Kenka has a stuffed tanuki sitting on their cash register counter and i sketched it months ago and kept exaggerating it more until it got to this. I like to envision that this is the night that he comes into Kenka, ready to drink, and the staff has had the final straw and are tired of this Tanuki not paying his bills and they take him in the back and stuff him and display him on the counter. The illo has some nice details so click on it to make it bigger!

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St. Louis magazine full page illos

these are both full page illos for St. Louis magazine's private school's primer issue. The First one is about wether private school is right for your kid. the blue one is about transitioning from public school to private school.

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Utne magazine illo

This is for an article about chess players being recruited by colleges to boost their image, as if they were football or basketball stars. I needed a dorky guy to model as the chess player so I got my brother bob who is working on his PHD in math (he is a self proclaimed dork so this isn't a mean blog post). I've used lots of my friends as reference in illustrations but this is the first one of bob, and it won't be the last!

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Seattle Weekly Cover

They had the idea of doing the cover like the poster for the Movie "Major League". It was a totally silly article about the fate and politics of the Seattle Supersonics basketball team. The writer listed who he would cast in his "Major League Supersonic" movie.

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this will be a the header for their new legal blog

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Logo sketches

These were some quick logo sketch ideas i came up with when my old roomie from Korea, Yoon asked me to see if i could come up with something really quick for him mom's new frozen yogurt establishment. they didnt end up going with these but thats ok I HATE doing logos.

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Vote for which pieces I should submit to upcoming competitions

Here are some new ones that are'nt posted anywhere else but are included in this poll

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EUSTACE TILLEY contest entry

the new yorker held a contest via flickr for their watever anniversary EUSTACE TILLEY issue. he is that snooty little dandy that is the new yorkers logo mascot guy. this was my entry

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