Art show, theme: protest signs

Me and Diana both have 1 piece each in an art show called "everybody! Make some Noise"with a protest sign theme. It's gonna be at the white room in williamsburg brooklyn. the pieces all had to be around 30"x 40" inches so it's pretty huge. Each piece will be mounted on a stick just like a real protest sign! there are 25 designers, illustrators, painters, artists, weirdos, etc... in the show and theres gonna be live punk band performances and who know's what else. down side is it's $7 but come out if you can make it.

Posted byJason Raish at 8:23 PM  


Esther Westwood said... 8:57 PM  

i think i might be blind, what day is this on?
anywho i really like your new cover looks really good. and congrats to you and Diana on the new show :)

Jason Raish said... 9:17 PM  

there i fixed it

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