China National Gallery Part 1

I went to to go buy art supplies. All the stores in Beijing are pretty much across the street from the China National Gallery. I was meeting Angel and was late so she went to the museum. I had a deadline but I still had never gone and it's a shame so i said whatever I'm gonna go. And boy was I pleasantly surprised. Not only are there tons of awesome chinese painters from the "western school of painting" there of course were awesome chinese paintings as well. theres a lot so here is is in 2 parts.

directly across the street from here is where all the art stores in Beijing are. Also this is where My Aunt pointed out this tall skinny beautiful bohemian artist looking woman and bob took a picture of her and his flash went off and she turned around and stormed over to him and demanded he delete it in perfect english. hahahaah

my camera is so suck. it can't capture the correct colors and has wicked barreling so 4 ft paintings are warped, look at the frames.

all of these were from what seemed like the western style floor. now what famous american illustrator does this look like?

amazing blues ruined by my camera

in the middle is mao. on the right is deng xiao ping Angel thinks. i guess the close up i took will be in the second part, oops. Anyway Angel says she hates mao but that he is still a "great man". i said what! and she said yea he is one of the men who really changed history. we both agreed changed for the worse but she also said he was a great poet and a few other things as well making me think that she and other young people still think it was somewhat good/important/not a total jerk.

crazy water color

crazy fold details in this traditional painting.

doesn't this look like one of these female illustrators style, like Jessie Wilcox Smith i'm thinking maybe?

Angel didn't notice the wall of topless and unrealistically endowed women dancing in the background but that is the first thing i noticed! this is in Xinjian province, the Muslim minority province in western china.

this was a smaller painting, and this frame accented it so well! and then my camera destroyed that nice little harmony.

i need to start getting the paint out again. look at those horses legs!

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