More Tanuki

More tanuki action. this the back of the card. i drew his whole body thinking someday i might use it also i forgot to add the black rings around the eyes on the tanuki with the sake. **UPDATE** This tanuki imagery was deemed too "racist". The guy on the back especially. Which I can see where they are coming from. It's a coincidence that he is a Japanese raccoon like creature wearing one of those Asian straw hats and has especially slanty eyes because he is smiling so hard and has huge teeth and gums. Really i didn't think about all that when i was making this. and they felt that people who see this are not going to know that I am Asian and definitely not demeaning myself. I mean really he is just a character, so i made the argument that if i removed all of the asian elements from the images like the Japanese writing and the sake and the hat then he would just look like a funny rodent character so they agreed. I will post up those revisions later.

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