Visually inspiring stuff from Korea

I went to Korea recently, here are some interesting visual bits. (back history, i studied there in 2001-2002 for a year so i have some friends there I was visiting)

this pink one is awesome

the food there is a thing of beauty. always laid out with lots of side dishes

met two illustrators there, Woo Jung Ahn and Sukgoo they are the friends of my old roomate Seung Eun who went to SVA and graduated the same time I did from FIT.

shots of Woojung's studio and house. Seung Eun has a little space there too

i bought this mask

this is a frech guy. this cat is also above rosa's pizza on the corner of 27th st and 7th ave across the street from FIT.

me working while there. had to do two jobs

this could never happen in New york in the subway.

illustration is used a lot in korea. it looks like 40-50 perecent of the book covers are illustrated. my friends said that they don't get paid that much though.

David Lynch book tranlated into korean.
on the last night my old friends from Yonsei drew me at a bar.

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Hayoung Shin said... 1:49 AM  

Oh my God, Jason...These look so nice..
I really miss Korea..T-T

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