I am one of Lürzers Archive's 200 best illustrators worldwide

A while ago I got an email from Lürzers Archive saying that I was nominated by an art director somewhere. I've always seen this book in the book store from some foreign place and wondered if i would ever be in there. You have to be nominated by an art director and then chosen by the Lürzers judges panel to be in this book so it's not "curated" per say. Haven't seen it yet because they were mailed to my parents house and i'm in Barcelona but it's cool to be in this book that I once gazed upon with student eyes filled with a thousand glimmering stars of hope.

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Modern Fairy Tales for The Times London

The Times in London called me for a quick turnaround for 6 illustrations based on modern fairy tales that authors had put a twist on. A very fun assignment. It's the first time I thought of putting freckles and blemishes on people. but then again i haven't drawn to many red heads. Still though I should start using them more for the monsters and uglies that i draw.

big opening illustration. Gone is the age that girls dream of becoming princesses. Here Cinderella longs for freedom from social engagements and the other realities of life.

Red Riding Hood is a poor, uneducated teenager turned celebrity rape victim.

The 3 Little Pigs live a dry, sarcastic life. I hate compromising things with fast turn arounds, like here there was no time to render shiny pig flesh.

Jack and the beanstalks are a band competing on an American Idol like show where the judges include the Giant who is like a certain former American Idol judge. and yes that is me as the giant and yes i basically look like that.

After her parents divorce the Little Mermaid puts on weight and longs for a Pop Idol prince until the day she seems him join in a civil partnership with his best friend Clive.

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Where in the world is Jason?

Last time I posted I had just fled the radiation scares in a post earthquake Japan. I was in the middle of the most grueling advertising project ever and was expecting a break but I got an explosion of new work while on what was supposed to be my re-up and recover month in Seoul. Now I am posting from Barcelona, Spain, where I will live for 3 months before trying out London.

for Management Today Magazine (UK). For a monthly column that defines a new buzzword. "Freemium" is where companies give out a barebones but functional product in the hopes that the consumer will pay to upgrade to the premium product.

For Westchester Magazine. Celebrity twitter accounts, including Martha Stewart and Donald Trump

for Management Today Magazine (UK). It takes many people to make a good manager.

For Backbone Magazine (Canada). Now that IBM's super computer has stomped the competition on Jeopardy it is being programmed to help doctors in hospitals, especially in the diagnosis area.

for Motortrend Classic Magazine. A man remembers driving through Australia's Snowy Mountains in his first car, a 1968 Mini Deluxe

Barcelona Cathedral viewed from down a side street in the Gotico district

Edward Chillida art near the Museum of of Contemporary Art terrace

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