Movie Inspiration - Wes Anderson's "The Life Aquatic"

Another installation of the Movies that Inspire me visually. Wes Anderson again directs a beautiful film with awesome color schemes, and shot composition. Bill Murray is on point, Owen Wilson is'nt annoying and Willem Dafoe is funny. Some people don't appreciate Anderson's/Murray's dry, sarcastic, subtle brand of humor but at least you can appreciate the visuals in this movie. West Anderson's aesthetic choices are on point, his compositions, his color choices, his focal range, cinemetography, wardrobe, etc... are all super swell.

I really like the type they used for this movie

the matching red caps throughout the movie make nice warms spots.

they used some technique like claymation to animate the sea creatures.

the matching pajamas and outfits throughout the movie are a hoot but also and artistic decision by Anderson that is great visually

check out the colors in the interior schenes. He has his interiors painted they way he wants them. I use analogous color schemes and so does Anderson so I am drawn to his interiors.

The cut away scene of this boat and other scenes is very fun and visually fresh

composition! I wish all the illustration assignments I got were widescreen

cutaway shot

When I was trying to do Children's books one thing people would say sometimes is make sure you have a variety of close ups, medium range, and pulled away compositions in your book. Anderson does a bang up job at this

how awesome would it be to be the artist that painted the portraits in this movie?

even gave him a red turban, which of course once you see it you realize that you wouldn't want it any other way

the matching baby blue uniforms and red caps are a signature from this movie and really sum it up visually. I can't wait to see what Wes Anderson is working on next, I think it is the Fantastic Mr. Fox, a Raold Dahl book

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