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I need to start getting something that looks like book covers in my portfolio so when i go to meet these art directors they stop looking at me like im a jerk. Here is one idea i had a few years ago that I finally executed. "marinade your mind" : a look at today's drinking culture, written by jason raish. I am not a good graphic designer. After looking at tons of cool book covers i've decided that being a book cover designer would be pretty cool if i wasn't an illustrator. Especially if your Chip Kidd or Ben Gibson or someone like that. I dont know if this works better with the beer on his brain or about to hit it.

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Circa 1990

I found this book that I made when i was 8 yrs old in 3rd grade back in 1990. It's about Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox babe, and the grand canyon. Let's take a look at this thing.

the cover - what an ameatur piece of work this is. It's just stapled together and drawn on obviously non archival paper. Horrible font choices. and way to not make grand canyon ledgible Jason you little retard. and what is babe standing on? air? and why does it just say jason raish in pencil after paul bunyan? do you mean by jason raish? this is the fault of both the artist and 3rd grade teacher, bad editing and proofing.

dedication page - I was such a fool to dedicate this to the grand canyon. It's long since forgotten me and probably was never even my friend in the first place. Even when I flew over it a few years ago to go to LA to visit some friends it didnt even look at me.

page 1 - what a little retard I was, and still am. way to take into account the gutter 8 yr old jason and lose a bunch of your words. (the gutter is where book is bound)

page 3 - I think that guy running away is kind of funny. It's sad but thats about the quality of the sketches I give art directors now in 2008

page 4 - watever

page 5 - I dont think i made that up out of my head. Looks like even back then I had no imagination and was a slave to photo reference.

Author's page - it says it took me three days to complete this book. it would probably take me 3 years to do this book now because i have lost all the magic of childhood and am now a late 20's something anal old man that listen's to pre-war jazz.

Comments page - I get the same comments now because my art only appeals to 8 yr old goblins. I'm such a good Pitcher and Illustrashans maker!

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rides again

for an article about elderly drivers

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