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this is for the talkin' crash column again. it's about how dj jazzy jeff was in a crash in this van and had to get a full leg cast but went on to perform that same nite.

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Art directors club illustration portfolio review

I did this day at the art directors club, the illustration review day. It was limited to 50 illustrators and art directors, art buyers, creative directors, etc... came and looked at my portfolio and took promo cards and tear sheets. I made these 2d cutouts of a bunch of characters i have done and made little stands for them so the could stand up on my table. I made some good contacts.

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The source again

for an article about rappers swearing a lot. they wanted the rapper to look like a generic rapper. I think i pulled it off this time. doesn't look like any know rapper. I'm glad I was able to use the fade away this time. Finally!

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