Movie Inspiration - Wes Anderson's "The Darjeeling Limited"

Movies are a big influence for me. I try to take screenshots of movies I like visually. Wes Anderson makes beautiful, colorful movies and his latest "The Darjeeling Limited" is no exception. It is set in India so of course the colors are amazing. Anderson is such an artist. His compositions are on point not to mention that I love his quirky dry sense of humor and the music he chooses. I love the wide format of film, I wish more illustrations were commissioned in this dimension. Lots of people might not like the humor but you've gotta appreciate the beauty of his shots.

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Hotel Caterer and Caretaker

This is a trade magazine in the UK. My first UK job! its about the no smoking ban. It was fun being able to use the british cop with his not american shaped hat.

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Smirnoff Ad

This is a self promotional piece I did that will be my full page ad in the next Directory of Illustration source book that comes out in the fall. I am influenced a lot by movies so "Amelie", "Mind Game", and "Tekkon Kinkreet" were my big influences here, especially in the color department.

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Please Vote! Need your help picking a new promo card piece

Help me by voting! which one of these illustrations should I use as my new promotional postcard mailer? these will get mailed out to mainly editorial newspaper and magazine art directors not advertising or publishing so much. here are the two illustrations i'm considering.

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this was a series of illustrations that ran, one every day on the series is about what the new president will have to fix. the military, the executive branch, the environmental policy, the education system, and the economy.

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Collections and Credit Risks magazine

this is a trade magazine cover. its about the presidential race. the image of calvin and hobbes speeding precariously down a hill in their little red wagon immediately popped into my head. I gave the art director some extra cropping room at the top and bottom. I think i am maturing as a colorist at least (maybe not in any other ways). I used to color things at full blast saturation but these days i am starting to realize thats not always good and to use the power of muted colors. or maybe i'm just getting old. I'm pretty happy with this one.

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college sketch

I found this in a stack of stuff while i was cleaning on to prepare for my move to china. i drew this in college at some point probably when i was supposed to be paying attention. i dont know where this chip'n'dales imagery came from but this is probably the best thing i ever did in school. why dont i do more of this now!

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