Another Moto ad

another mock ad for the Motorola ROKR phone

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Runner's World Spot

I finally got to do runner's world. Just a spot though. it is for an article about beating the post race blues. It's in the October issue

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Motorola Ad Sample

I made this motorola advertising sample for my portfolio. actually i was inspired by this wish tree that i saw in shanghai. you write your wishes on these cards and hang them on the tree. I also have been inspired by what i've seen in beijing so i wanted to combine them somehow. I subbed the phone in for one of the wish cards for my personal work. this took quite some time. all of those ornaments are on their own separate layer.

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Drawing party drawings

i had a drawing party and these are the best ones of mine.

sue sue wore my gachapin costume again.

i will try messing around with chinese ink and brushes more

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Notre Dame Magazine

I did 4 watercolor/sketchbook style illustrations for notre dame magazine a while back. Here are 2 of them. the art director requested this style of mine and i was happy to do it. now and then art directors say they really love the stuff in my sketchbook section but this is the first time i've actually been able to do this style for a job.

one of the shorts was about JFK

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