only 2 new entries in the saga of bob. I was totally paralyzed this holiday season and could only watch tv and eat. These sketches are pretty bad but i think they have captured the essence of bob and his new changes. Bob is getting a little of a belly now and i like the little sketch to the side that i did in 5 minutes better than that horrible attempt at shading his face. the second sketch shows bob glazed over from too much holiday cheer, horrible drawing but i captured the essence of the disgusting moment.

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Network World Illos

These were for a year end issue of network world. I had to illustrate one of the smartest and one of the dumbest Technology moves made this year. They gave me a list of choices. The smartest is about google's "G Phone" development. They are making the phone open source and working with a many different developers unlike apple's IPHone. The dumbest is about ghost bloggers. CEO's and executives that have fake blogs made for them that they don't write themselves.

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Happy Holidays from Me

Happy Holidays All

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Revenue Magazine Full page illo

This is a full page illustration i did a few months ago that finally went to print this month. Its about using less traditional search engines and methods to find information.

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Motortrend magazine

this is a spot in this months motortrend magazine. It's about this new anti-whiplash head restraint requirement in new cars that is making headrests pretty uncomfortable.

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Health Data Management cover

the cover for health data management this month. it was a very hard topic to illustrate because i had very little to go on and pretty vague. It was about executives, it guys, doctors, nurses, hospital staff working together to find the right mobile software and hardware "solutions" Sounds so exciting right? sometimes you gotta make lemons into lemonade. I gave them 2 versions, one with the paint texture "platform" they're standing on and one without. they ended up going with the platform version.

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Seattle Weekly spot illo

This is in this weeks seattle weekly. its about Judy Collins, a 60's music star who is now sequined dressed'd up and performing at supper club type joints. They said it was necessary that it be a sequined dress so i didnt panic and knew that i could figure something out. At first i extracted some actual sequins and tried putting hundreds of them on her dress and it looked horrible. if i had to paint them i would cry. this is one of the times im truly grateful for photoshop. the secret is i just used a default photoshop flower brush and a sparkle brush to achieve the over sequin look. it reduced down and published small enough that i think it worked! sometimes i get too obsessive about individual elements when i just need to look at what i need to do to achieve the overall final look.

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Washington Post Saturday Style

this was the cover for last saturday's style section. its an article about how crazy sells. amy winehouse, britney spears and r kelly all have had much sucess despite their crazy habits. they spelled my name wrong and ran a correction the other day also.

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Seattle Weekly Thelonious Monk

I did this a few weeks ago for Seattle Weekly. The art director from City Pages (Twin cities) Moved over to Seattle Weekly and liked my stuff so she gave me a call. This was about Thelonious Monk and his weird sporatic playing style. I'm a fan of Monk so of course I took this job. I never saw how the final layout looked.

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Children's Book Idea

I finally found some time to finish this illustration. it's been sitting half finished for months. I was going to try to make a children's book story out of these guys. It's all written down but i still need to draw everything out. A few publishers told me that my Jason's smelly pants book idea is too hyper realistic for kids and I am afraid that I made these guys to gruesome and hyper-realistic as well. What do yall think?

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Tanuki from Kenka

This is a sketch i did a while ago of this tanuki "racoon dog" that sits on the counter by the cash register in a great japanese drinking place called Kenka on st. marks place. They have a huge tanuki statue in the front of the restaurant in another style with glowing red lightbulb eyes. after wikipedia research they usually wear a straw hat, carry a bottle of sake, and a bill they will never pay in the other hand. i have heard they are sort of a symbol of drunkiness. I should further develop this guy but knowing those japanese im sure they beat me to it like centuries ago.

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Risen Magazine Interview

Alicia Frank for Risen Magazine interviewed me this summer and its finally out in their oct/nov issue now. it has two spreads of my work. Pretty cool to see but it feels weird.

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riverfront times

this is a half page illo for their weekly calendar page. Its a paper from st. louis. the featured event that week was this series of Scottish games held annually. One of the events is something about throwing logs the furthest.

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LA Times

This is a quick turn around for the LA times, It will be out in this sunday's paper in the sunday opinions column, running in b/w. I've just gotta the the NY Times now! the story is about healthcare reforms. I tried to make the nose a little different, i dont know if its working, but i have to do these little experiments to keep it fun for me.

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Printmaking class

I am taking a printmaking class at FIT and it has been kind of a drag until this week. This is a self portrait assignment in woodblock form. I printed it this week and it came out looking pretty crazy/funny. its drying so next week ill post that up. so i am liking the class more now. but i dont think it worth it for all the hrs of carving wood. anyway i'll see how i do with linonleum. i think i should just start doing my own thing but the proffessor is such a nice guy i feel bad about going against the grain.

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rides magazine

this is for rides magazine. the "talkin crash" section. Rapper David Banner was rear ended by a blond on her cell phone.

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chico news and review cover

here is this weeks cover for the Chico News and Review. I had to change it to green because the the theme is green/sustainability on the inside. Interesting that they would call me for this one. I've worked with them before but im more of a people illustrator as opposed to a tree guy, but i suprised myself. Still like the red one better but oh well.

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My Midwest magazine

this is a full page and a spot for Midwest airline's inflight magazine "my midwest" This is the first job i have gotten as a result of doing that art directors club illustration review day back in the summer. the article is about one bad apple in the office ruining the whole bunch. chain reaction stuff leading to bad behavior and performance in everyone. This came out different than my other stuff i guess.

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jazz sketches

I finally got to a jazz club on sunday and sketched a couple of the players. They were a "latin jazz" group but their line up was weird. the lead was a trombone player. he was tall skinny and perfect for drawing. they had a trumpet, piano, upright bass, drums, and a conga player. i was happily suprised they were good. its "smoke" on 106 and broadway. i miss sketching and i miss live jazz, i should make it a sunday thing.

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Westchester Magazine

for an article about how hard it is to start your own restaurant. this guy has to do accounting, paper work, contracts, market, promote, taste test, be a chef, cut red tape, etc.... one of the few times i have made up a face out of my head. also the first time i've signed the piece in the corner. was trying to go for a slightly different look this time.

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UTNE reader magazine

an illo for utne magazine. it will be out in november.

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Washington Post Style/Arts cover

the style and arts sections of the post are merged now. this is the cover for this sunday about amateurs like reality TV show stars coming up on proffessional actors and taking over. It printed huge again. hooray!

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jazz times magazine

this was a quick turnaround full page for jazz times. its for an article about international students coming to america to study jazz in its birthplace.

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American Medical news

this is an illustration for american medical news. the article is about new technology in the medical field and getting consumers to embrace it. this is how the final layout came out

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The book of Bob Updated!

I had the fortune of seeing bob this weekend. I had a chance to sketch him twice! i had to follow him around the house while he read that g-darn harry potter book. its been way too long since i have drawn bob, and way too long since i've even sketched in my sketchbook. i had forgotten how good it feels when you don't care about the outcome. must not forget sketchbook. bonus i foound these sketchs from xmas time i forgot to scan ! see all of bob here. B.O.B. (book of bob)

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Rides magazine

for an article about rapper "Kia Shine" and his accident in is crysler sebring where the hood ended up flying off as he was trying to indescreetly drive home because he was driving without a licence.

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Backbone magazine

another full page illo for backbone magazine (canada) its for an article about public acess wi-fi being brought to downtown toronto. its kind of a different style than i usually do because usually i dont have to draw tons of buildings.

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Washington Post Sunday Arts cover

Here is how it ran today. pretty cool its so huge.

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washington post

this is for the cover of the washington post sunday arts section. it turns out that this is the only story on the front page so they are going to end up running it the size of the whole front page. can't wait to see what it looks like this sunday. its for an article about celebrity interviews and how they are not all spontaneous and are planned out by others behind the scenes.

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this is a half page illustration for the City Pages (Twin Cities) A-List. Its a calendar of weekly events. This week the featured event is an acrobatic show with an Atlantis theme. A pretty cool assignment and the deadline was over a week long instead of 2 days or overnight so I was able to spend some extra time on this one. The headline and sidebar will look something like this. Now that I look at it I forgot to put light reflection ripples, even though it might take me a while to figure out how to pull that kind of magic.

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Self promo pieces

I have been sitting on these drawings for over 6 months and finally got around to finishing them. The late rappers 2Pac and Biggie. Maybe cheesy but the title of the 2Pac piece is "Tupacaderm". I felt pressed to finally finish these because I have a meeting at Atlantic records tommorow and needed some more music related pieces for my portfolio. I guess a lot of times when I illustrate rappers I try to delaflate the "gangsterness" quality in them, flipping how you think of them. and since i've been getting so many calls from hip hop magazines lately i've had a bunch of chances to do that.

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jazz times magazine

this is a full page illustration for an article about jazz cameos in films. They wanted an illustration of the scene in Mel Brook's "Blazing Saddles" where count basie is with his orchestra in the middle of the desert playing "april in paris" while the new Sherriff in town rides by and gets a salutation from the count.

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the source again

this was for an article about how what rappers say and claim is taken as truth in our culture. rappers saying their chain is worth a million or they have 10 cars, it's hard for all of this to be verified. Nothing is as it seems and everything is for show. One thing the article touches on is 50 cent's profit from the sale of vitamin water to coca cola. They claim he made $400 million from the deal because he owned 10% of the company but no one can verify any of this, but it's truth on the street now. I didnt know if i should leave the arrows in or out so i dont know which one they chose.

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