Printmaking class

I am taking a printmaking class at FIT and it has been kind of a drag until this week. This is a self portrait assignment in woodblock form. I printed it this week and it came out looking pretty crazy/funny. its drying so next week ill post that up. so i am liking the class more now. but i dont think it worth it for all the hrs of carving wood. anyway i'll see how i do with linonleum. i think i should just start doing my own thing but the proffessor is such a nice guy i feel bad about going against the grain.

Posted byJason Raish at 4:19 PM  


Anonymous said... 7:13 PM  

Nice work! I remember you inkin' it up too...very cool! Thanks for the postcards, btw. let me check ur site. C ya in class. Roy

Esther Westwood said... 11:53 PM  

a little too good. quite a likeness :)

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