The book of Bob Updated!

I had the fortune of seeing bob this weekend. I had a chance to sketch him twice! i had to follow him around the house while he read that g-darn harry potter book. its been way too long since i have drawn bob, and way too long since i've even sketched in my sketchbook. i had forgotten how good it feels when you don't care about the outcome. must not forget sketchbook. bonus i foound these sketchs from xmas time i forgot to scan ! see all of bob here. B.O.B. (book of bob)

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Alexiev said... 4:03 PM  

Great work... Good super woman...

These are lovely. Very whimsical and nice detail! Your pencil illustrations are my favorite from your gallery.

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
Alexiev Store

l-i-n-e said... 4:23 AM  

I saw your website, cool and lovely illustration.
I like your line and detail.
This set is cool, he look blur and sleepy, as the blue color, Nice.

Good work, thanks for sharing.

Line art blog

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