Seattle Weekly spot illo

This is in this weeks seattle weekly. its about Judy Collins, a 60's music star who is now sequined dressed'd up and performing at supper club type joints. They said it was necessary that it be a sequined dress so i didnt panic and knew that i could figure something out. At first i extracted some actual sequins and tried putting hundreds of them on her dress and it looked horrible. if i had to paint them i would cry. this is one of the times im truly grateful for photoshop. the secret is i just used a default photoshop flower brush and a sparkle brush to achieve the over sequin look. it reduced down and published small enough that i think it worked! sometimes i get too obsessive about individual elements when i just need to look at what i need to do to achieve the overall final look.

Posted byJason Raish at 10:19 PM  


Eli said... 6:18 PM  

Lots of great illustrations here!

I totally agree that it is easy to over complicate things and spend too much time zoomed in on little details that don't amount to much in the final reduced version.

It does look sequin-ie I think your solution works!

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