Illustrator or Salaryman? Is there even a Choice?

After speaking with many of the artists at Design Festa it looks like the state of illustration in Japan is horrible and it is impossible to be a fulltime illustrator in this country. After you overcome the obstacle of finding work the pay is horrible. Editorial illustration in magazines and newspapers doesn't exist. That's why if you are an illustrator from the US/UK/western world you should be greatful that you dont live in Korea, Japan, or China where being an illustrator is super tough/impossible. Yes there are japanese illustrators, but the ones you know are probably famous and rare. Look at me, i'm not a famous illustrator but i can still live off of illustration. There are so many others in the UK an the US living off of illustration. I am so lucky. not in the conventional sense. I have worked so hard for what i have now, so its not really luck. But i am so lucky that I am american and speak english because right there opens up a huge market, the UK/US market that pays a whole lot better than the asian market. I am lucky that i got my start in the US and that i can make dollars and pounds. This has allowed me to live in China and Japan. How awesome is my life? i draw pictures for a living. I ride my bike through Shibuya and Harajuku in Tokyo Japan every day too and from Japanese class. last year i was riding through the streets of beijing, all on the strength of illustration. Its just really sad to see that all these talented japanese artists don't stand a chance in the japanese market. It seems like there is no such thing as a real freelance illustration career. they will have to follow the rules of japanese society and career paths. So, at least briefly while the feeling is still there, I feel greatful and almost feel like i can pat myself on the back because of where i've been and where i'm going thanks to my illustration career. A lot of it though is that i was lucky enough to have been raised in the US.....basically that im not Japanese. This is not a racist post, its just the sad truth of the illustration industry that i have seen thusfar during my time in Japan.

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