Presbyterians Today Lenten Devotional Booklet

cover for a Lenten devotional booklet that comes inside of Presbyterians Today. This year they were translating it into Korean as well so they wanted a Korean influenced crossover style cover. Last year it was done by Heidi Younger, who teaches at FIT now, I wish i had her when I went to FIT. They saw that I lived in Korea before from my website bio so they decided to call me. I'm Korean and was born in Seoul, and studied there for a year in 2001 but this is the first time i've ever drawn a hanbok (traditional Korean dress).

alternate colors. I don't know which i like better

spot about ash wednesday.

i'm showing this final drawing to show how i sometimes edit the drawings in photoshop. I usually like skewed and distorted drawings but the client probably wanted something more "beautiful" so i tried to make the final product more symmetrical and beautiful.

spot about foot washing that happens during lent.

reading the bible.

spot about palm sunday

spot about fish and loaves that fed the masses. I used a young photo of my brother for this one. I had to tone down the indignant smirk on his face that he is infamous for though. and i updated his flannel shirt from an 80's flannel to a modern hip pattern. I want that shirt.

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