NY Winter 2011 - Work and Play

I had to work a lot while i was in New York and upstate. I can't afford to say no to jobs. That's why there aren't a lot of pictures and why i had a lot less fun than i should have, plus I'm from NY so naturally i wouldn't be taking as many pictures of stuff.

they don't really have delis in asia

or my love, bologna and cheese, always there for $6.50.... WHAT! when the F did bologna and cheese sandwiches become $6.50! i was amazed by how much everything went up in price in NY.

like this chicken cutlet sandwich, another staple food but it's like $5. what the hell.

they tell me there was a huge bed bug problem in NY.

vietnamese sandwich on 12th st.

I visited my friend John Jay's studio on Meserole in brooklyn. He's an illustrator and teaches at FIT. I wasn't in school when he started though. He's sucessful, has agents in NY and Paris, and maybe more. After this visit I really want to get a studio. Maybe in HK.


some stuff he was working on. below is more of his work

graphic novel

we went to the society of illustrators sequential and uncommissioned opening uptown on 63rd and Lex. Edel Rodriguez always have smart stuff. the guy on the right is Nimit Malavia, he's young and coming up fast so what out for him

as always tight work from yuko shimizu

this guy sam makes some awesome stuff

after the opening its upstairs to bar where all the top dogs of illustration are boozing it up.

party time at Fat Buddah on ave A and 13th st. with a bunch of buddies i haven't see in a while.

it seemed like everytime i went out i was getting drinks spilled on me. is NY really 400x more spilly than Japan? probably, cuz they respect personal space more

some of a section of the FIT crew, except for who the hell is that girl in the front?

it hasn't done this in tokyo in the 2 winters i've been here.

grey's papaya hot dogs are now like $4.75 so its not really worth it for me anymore cuz i could eat like 10 of these.

halal lamb and rice with white sauce and hot sauce from sammy's cart somewhere on 6th ave near 4th street. oh how i missed this. and then immediately remembered how unhealthy and weird it makes you feel afterwords.

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