Movie Inspiration - Tarsem Singh's "The Fall"

The Fall is directed by Tarsem Singh. The film was shot on 26 locations over 18 countries. This is an unbelievably beautiful movie. Is it cheating to use the most exotic and beautiful locations in the world as your set? If so then its ok with me. Singh funded this movie himself, risked everything he owned, so its his baby and it shows. Ebert is all up on this movie and i usually agree with the guy. The child actress Catinca Untaru was great and was an excellent choice. This movie is more style than substance but what an amazing style it is. If you're an artist or a lover of vast, beautiful, sweeping landscapes then you've got to see this movie. Excellent camera movements, cinematography, composition, color, and all that technical stuff. The guy is an artist. I'm gonna make it to that blue city of Jodhpur someday!

the kind of compositions that i dream about. I wish i had this kind of space to work with in my illustrations.

i know this is framed and all but its still amazing that there is a wall of sand this tall somewhere in the world.

Jodhpur, the blue city, India

also India somewhere

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suuuch and awesome movie!

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