Karasu Kimono

Time to start thinking about a "Japan Project" now that i'm in Japan. I have decided on a Crow theme since they are everywhere in Tokyo. This is a quick 3 hr experiment i did last night. I went to the biggest art store in tokyo the other day and got this tube of lilac paint and was really feelin' the color so I couldn't resist and put everything off and finally painted like i have been saying i would. I am trying to do some work totally analog, no computer, all traditional mediums. If you didn't know i have done all of my work with pencil on paper, acrylic paint texture backgrounds and then photoshop color. I did this with no photoshop yay! it feels so good to paint again. except this isn't fully painting, its kind of cheating, i'm letting the black ink lines do a lot of the talking for me instead of meticulous hrs of exact painting. I am messing around with the chinese ink still. I will comment on what i was thinking and the concept behind this and more crow themed pieces once i get my concept fully cemented. Acrylic, chinese ink, brush pens, colored pencil on paper.

Posted byJason Raish at 12:30 PM  


Chris Whetzel said... 2:58 PM  

I dig it, Jason. I like the use of black ink, and I consider this a "real painting."

Anonymous said... 12:31 AM  

if you didn't say anything, i don't think i would have noticed. would you been working in oils anytime soon? haha

Jason Raish said... 2:04 AM  

thanks fellas. no oils for me, dry too slow, too expensive, and turn me into a blend freak. and i didnt bring them to japan with me anyway

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