Another work pile

These characters are for various literature for Choonhae University (
춘해보건대학 로고), a special trades college in Pusan, South Korea. My friends Mom is the dean of the school so i got to do this job! features are an optometrist, radiologist, yoga instructor, EMS rescue worker, dental assistant, and nurse. Most of the students are female so it was stressed that the girls need to be cute.

for UTNE magazine about volunteer groups that go to Malawi, Africa. the article is poking fun at these groups and asking if the volunteer groups are doing any good. Malawi is where madonna adopted a baby from and where other celebs have jumped on the wagon. There are also resorts there. sad to see an impoverished african nation and then bam! resorts and fat american highschool kids having pool parties after their "volunteer" work.

full page for strategic finance magazine about some boring and hard to grasp topic. i think it was something to do with cash flow. this is different from my usually style because i felt i couldn't capture the feeling i wanted with the jelly fish using pencil cuz pencil is dark and the jelly fish i wanted are luminescent. dont know which version they went with

monthly column about golf rules for golf magazine. this time it asks about getting a penalty for not playing a hole because the sprinklers were on. I forgot what the ruling was. I'm pretty happy with this one and think i captured the guy like i wanted to this time. I guess in the back of my brain i have the disney character Goofy in mind, i remember some old cartoon of goofy playing golf when i was a child.
for Texas Monthly. yay i finally got to work for them. this is a humorous article about being a human lab rat and offering up your body as a test subject for cash.

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