Bernie Fuchs

Bernie Fuchs was the guy that I saw slides of in illustration school and didn't like because all i saw were sports illustrations for sports illustrated. I stumbled across these illos on Leif Peng's Flickr account and have now been slapped silly by his work. For tons more inspiration check out Leif's flickr account and his today's inspiration site to get your daily illustration education. The sites specialize in 40's and 50's illustration. Bernie died in september. He painted a few presidents including JFK. What a guy. If all you know is his sports illos try to find his other stuff!

such an amazing spread, such an amazing shape made

reminds me of robert mcguinnis a little.

awesome yellow graphic shape

always been a fan of fadeaways.

and blue, my favorite color
subtle texture sets this apart from the computer crap that i turn out. oh it makes me want get paint out.

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