Movie Inspiration - Tekkon Kinkreet

time to feature for another movie that is a visual inspiration for me: Tekkon Kinkreet (鉄コン筋クリート Tekkon Kinkurīto, a pun on "Tekkin Concrete", the Japanese term for reinforced concrete). It is based on the Japanese manga called "Black and White" by Taiyō Matsumoto. I originally read the Manga in school and thought this would be awesome as a Movie, and the next week i learned that it was being made into a movie. It is Japanese but unique because it is the first time an American has directed a Japanese animated movie. I met the director, Michael Arias at the north American premiere at the Moma in 2006 i think it was. It is animated by my favorite animation studio: Studio 4°C. These are the guys responsible for my fav animated movie "Mind Game". Arias and studio 4C created many of the sections for that Animatrix movie so the guy does have prior experience. Anyway the background paintings are insane. Blending of old and new technologies is very good. I love how studio 4C animates. The story is good. they were pretty faithful to the manga, even the compositions and shots. Anyway this is on DVD and Blueray everywhere so check it out. Here are some screenshots i took to inspire you!

the two kids can basically jump super high and are like super monkeys that will bash your head in.

look how cool they make ordinary scenes look.

great compositions and establishing shots. The background painters are amazing.

a wide painting from the opening pan sequence.

the cuts

some kind of production art

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Anonymous said... 10:15 AM  

Oh yes Jason, Tekkon Kinkreet is an amazing movie; its so beautiful! I'll laso have to check out "Mind Game." Thanks for posting all these awesome screenshots!!!

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nice blog

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