Stuff I bought in Japan

I didnt' buy that much stuff in Japan because i'm not really a shopper and i'm to g-damn indecisive to ever buy anything and I'm really cheap too. I bought mostly art related stuff. And Beer. and Onigiri (riceballs) at the various convenience stores.

I finally found some sweet Japanese paper! Masako used to work at Sogo in Osaka and there is a paper store in there. the guy said that these were all taken from Kimonos from some era. there were $1.50-$2.50 per sheet. there were tons of other amazing papers that were on huge sheets that i couldnt buy because they were expensive and too huge. I need these for inspiration. I am in love with these, i want to rub them all over my body, but that would make them disintegrate when they come in contact with my grosso shweaty body.

got this little box at sogo also. I went to sogo in beijing yesterday and it is so suck. no japanese stuff, only chinese stuff.

got these in kyoto, not at good. if you want to see more paper i bought then you can check them out on my illustration blog.

jonny managed to get this weird job where he inspects pens. inspects pens! anyway i think that is where he got these and gave them to me.

i got two of these watercolor books in osaka

i got bob a pair of bunny rabbit ninja socks with 2 toes. Now i just remembered that I should have gotten him to different kinds because he wears only mismatching socks.

some ear spoons.

gonna try these japanese pencils. HB is how i roll. i'm guessing japan is like korea and there are big conglomerate corporations that make a wide range of stuff such as Mitsubishi, who knew they made pencils too?

here is a good example of the range of toys you can buy from vending machines here. on the left a kids toy from the anpanman show and on the right a bound up adult toy. have fun kiddies

Akari's mom used to work at this art store in tokyo in Ginza. i got a watercolor postcard set and finally found watercolor water brushes that unscrew into two parts and fit in my travel watercolor kit.

All i could get wat this little Ponyo poster. i can't wait to watch it with english subtitles. i will go cry myself to sleep now.

i got this sweet brush pen with a refill capsule. they had like 30 different kinds of brush pens at this store. it was beautiful. they also had the cadillac of pencil holders there that i should have purchased now after second though.

this is the piece of paper i pulled out of the fortune drawer at some temple in tokyo. apparently it is supposed to be the best one where all my wishes will come true.

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