3rd and 4th day in Tokyo

Look at this subway map. no english kind of complicated. makes for great fun

we went to akihabara, its the electronics district. its where you go to find anime freaks, otaku, and just plain freaks. nerds, and geeks are also abundant. they even still sell these cassette players.

venting machine selling naughting things like this bondage girl. it was $5 !

like everywhere there are people on the sidewalks trying to sell you stuff or get you to go somewhere.

i walked by this girl and said oh man she has gotta be so hot in that thing because it is balls hot now and she's in the sun. little did i know that i would literally feel her pain one day later.

we went to a maid cafe, where all the girls are dressed up as maids and play the whole stupid and shy thing to appeal to people who like that kind of thing. it was wasn't really that great, plus the maid thing doesn't really turn my crank. the girl outside was either good at her job or really was a quite always looking down shy cute little maid girl.

they write whatever you want on your omurice in ketchup. They wrote I love Jason. they said no taking pictures. I saw on the menu that its $5 to take a picture with them and $10 to get a DVD made of you talking to them for 3 minutes. How sad and weird.

here's some interesting package designs

this is one of my favorite pictures. i took a couple pics of him and then he turned around to look at me at the right moment. this guy is for sure getting drawn in my new project.

more awesome subway map action.

akari said that these girls were wearing more modern kimonos with moderns patterns but they werent wearing them very well. and i agree, sloppy.

this mo fo was so cute.

by the time this thing got filled up it was a challenge to make it to the bathrooms because you had to walk carefully btwn the mats and jump over stuff. they really pack it in in japan.

this guy looks like his name is Tanaka

what is up with this kid. he looks like he is a workaholic with a briefcase going into the office on a sunday to get those darn budget reports taken care of.

Let it be noted that I was extremely hung over on this day. I wanted to cut my head off. It was balls hot. I was so dehydrated. but i couldn't lay around in bed all day, i was in tokyo and had to make the most of it. Walking around for the first 3 hrs felt like so O-some. Then this pharmacist finally sold me some excedrin after telling akari that there's no cure for a hangover. half an hour later i was feeling better.

if you have ever seen Totoro then you will be delighted to see a million Mei-chan's running around

this looks really surreal now that i look at it not in a hangover stupor. the water was so shallow. there were guys wind surfing that would jump off and be standing in the water. the bags are for an olympics thing because tokyo is a canidate city for the 2016 olympics. at night they light them up but we weren't around for that.

i asked who this girl was on the cd and they said she works here.

the fashion here is awesome. look even this grandpa and little girl below are kicking your @ss.

they do this thing with their shirt cuffs and fold them over the suit cuff and they can do that cuz they have special japanese shirts that have cool patterns or stripes printed on the insides.

this girl kept telling children about this new sparkling beer made by kirin. i was like akari why does she keep telling little kids about this new alchoholic beverage? ask her! and she did and she said that her boss told her tell kids. I don't get it.

color inspiration again

these information holders are awesome because they are wrapped in japanese patterned paper.

this is for my graphic design buddies. that is actually cameron diaz in the front there advertising these pantone colored phones . do they have this in the states?

coppertone ads with cute japanese gals instead.

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