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So I had a debate with myself as to if I should put this on my illustration blog or not because lot of art directors look at this. But I figure if they are interested enough to look at my blog after seeing my website then why not give them their money's worth? besides blogs are supposed to be a little more fun and personal. If you are an art director and are disgusted by my ogre face and horrible taste I am sorry. At least you can be thankful we won't have to meet in person and my ogre-ness will confined to my home.

the other night i asked vivi's friends what I could be for holloween this year since i have to be a japanse cartoon character every year. they suggested gatchapin, some guy i've never heard of. so we were walking around this store and then bam I see this gatchapin costume. and it was only $40!!!!! of course i had to buy it!

this is more what he looks like. but on the real live aaction show he is as big as barney and he waterskiis, breakdances, skiis, scuba dives, and does all kinds of crazy stuff.

i said where can i wear this thing? of course shibuya!

i am so SUPER bummed that my camera ran out of batteries or else i would have some super crazy shots of me in this suit. I know all of you are bummed too. I am going to have to get some crazy shots in this thing. Only i don't know how i will fare in china. if you never hear from me again its because i am in a dungeon jail because of this suit or something related.

don't be sad Gatchapin. you will have a new home soon.

sake vending machine

this is the shower/bath area of the hotel. cheap hotels in china all have shared baths (there was just a toilet in the hotel room).

on the shinkansen. I fell asleep and missed Mt. Fuji the first time i rode the shinkansen so i had to stay awake to see it this time. I waited by the window around the time i calculated for 20 minutes and was like what's going on and went to the other window and there he was ! Fuji-san. I saw him for about 20 seconds before we went into a mountain tunnel and he was never to be seen again. It was MAGICAL. they say in the lonely planet book that Fuji-san is very elusive and it is hard to see it except for a few times a year because of haze and clouds and atmospheric crap. I feel like this is something that they could have based "big bird goes to japan" on

waiting for the train to the airport back in osaka. didnt ride this one though.

a cute train supervisors type girl.

sorry but i am just transformed into a 5 year old when i see clouds like this

i like how you can see the curve of the earth

when we were taxiing in taiping, China we went by a bunch of fighter jets. kind of scary that they are at a "civilian" airport. there were tons of guys covering them up with tarps.
on this flight back to bejing they treated us to a box with 2 bread rolls in it! and 2 heigene wet turban needless washes! WELCOME BACK TO CHINA JASON, no more quality for you, but that's ok because i'm broke now.

a bowing geisha thing in Kyoto in one of the shops around Kiyomizu Dera. I was mesmorized by this thing for some reason. maybe it was the heat. Maybe i wanted one of these at my door to bow unfailingly everytime I leave and come home. VIDEO

me going about 180mph on the shinkansen "bullet train" between osaka and tokyo. VIDEO

this is the speedboat stadium in osaka near jonny's house. this is where all those old guys were betting on races. its a panorama CLICK TO ENLARGE!

a panorama of the triangle shaped park in America Mura in Osaka. A very cool area for people watching. lots of young folks and crazy fashions

If you're like me and your japanese beer knowledge was limited to Asahi, Sapporo, and Kirin then you would have been tickled pink when you walked into the grocery store. this is by jonnys house in osaka. There are about a million kinds of Japanese beer/Hoposhu/whatever the new stuff is. I think i managed to try most of them in 8 days, especially thanks to our beer sampling night that night where we got about 10 different kinds. Again with the Japanese it was all quality! i open up beers here in Beijing wether they be Tsingdao or Heieken and a lot of times they are flat and tasting oh so weird.

the beer cooler isle just keeps stretching onward.

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