Hooray! Society of Illustrators LA!!!

So i was googling my name last night and an link came up that had my name on the society of illustrators LA list of chosen illustrators in their Illustration West 45 Competition (judging took place in october!). I remember getting a rejection letter from them in the mail back in october and thought, hey whats going on here, i know i am a loser but do they have to mess with me by putting my name up there in error. I emailed them and Alyce called me and said I actually was chosen and she sent me the award notification back in october! But i already missed being able to participate in the exhibit at the gallery in LA and also being included in the limited edition book! the only reason i'm not 100% infuriated is that it feels better knowing i didnt get shut out of all the competions this year. It turns out that they made an error entering my info into the database and entered jason@hasonraish.com as my email address so i never got anything from them so i missed out on the best stuff! It was this Jazz times one that got in. Hooray for my first proffesional recognition! Boo for human error!

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katharine Marion said... 11:54 AM  

hey i saw u @ the alumni event, i love your stuff, it's so trippy and contained at the same time, keep it up boy!

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