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this article is about how google and other search engines are adding features for users to personalize and return results tendered towards them. The little guys are characters I call the "Ginjabytes". The boxes they are carrying out of the guys head represent personal data. The gingabyes are based on a true story. I was a computer lab helper guy in school and there was this young student who was grossly computer uneducated that couldn't figure out why he couldn't save his files. I explained to him about storage space and megabytes and gigabytes. He said, "Oh my god yo, this project it due in an hour yo, what am i gonna do yo? you gotta help me! You know I don't F' with thems Ginjabytes and sh!t, what am i gonna do about the Ginjabytes yo!!" Pretty funny no? It wasn't until this illustration that I realized what the Ginjabytets were, let alone what kind of job they did. They're the little guys inside of your computer that move all your file around of course. Doi! ----Update---- the lighter one is the revision i had to do. They wanted it to look like they were doing a good thing to him not a bad thing

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Esther Westwood said... 7:01 PM  

nice illio! ginjabites are cute little guys.

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