Hooray! Society of Illustrators LA!!!

So i was googling my name last night and an link came up that had my name on the society of illustrators LA list of chosen illustrators in their Illustration West 45 Competition (judging took place in october!). I remember getting a rejection letter from them in the mail back in october and thought, hey whats going on here, i know i am a loser but do they have to mess with me by putting my name up there in error. I emailed them and Alyce called me and said I actually was chosen and she sent me the award notification back in october! But i already missed being able to participate in the exhibit at the gallery in LA and also being included in the limited edition book! the only reason i'm not 100% infuriated is that it feels better knowing i didnt get shut out of all the competions this year. It turns out that they made an error entering my info into the database and entered jason@hasonraish.com as my email address so i never got anything from them so i missed out on the best stuff! It was this Jazz times one that got in. Hooray for my first proffesional recognition! Boo for human error!

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Westchester Magazine Illo

This is for an article about wether or not you should tell other parents if you see their child being bad. 3 different options for the finish.

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Wall St. Journal spot

this article is about how google and other search engines are adding features for users to personalize and return results tendered towards them. The little guys are characters I call the "Ginjabytes". The boxes they are carrying out of the guys head represent personal data. The gingabyes are based on a true story. I was a computer lab helper guy in school and there was this young student who was grossly computer uneducated that couldn't figure out why he couldn't save his files. I explained to him about storage space and megabytes and gigabytes. He said, "Oh my god yo, this project it due in an hour yo, what am i gonna do yo? you gotta help me! You know I don't F' with thems Ginjabytes and sh!t, what am i gonna do about the Ginjabytes yo!!" Pretty funny no? It wasn't until this illustration that I realized what the Ginjabytets were, let alone what kind of job they did. They're the little guys inside of your computer that move all your file around of course. Doi! ----Update---- the lighter one is the revision i had to do. They wanted it to look like they were doing a good thing to him not a bad thing

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St. Louis Magazine Full Page

this is a full page illo for st. louis magazine. It is for an article that is fictional about if NBA hall of famer Bill Russell was never traded to the boston celtics where he won 11 championships in 13 years. He was known for his defense and shot blocking hence the wings (the st. louis team was the hawks until they moved to atlanta).

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something from junior year in school

i did this in my junior at FIT and just found it and thought it was a pretty funny self portrait. there is a series of these somewhere i will haveh to find them.

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Entrepreneur magazine

the article is about "strategic alliances". Joining with other companies and organizations to improve business for both parties. I went through a bunch of sketches with them this time which has never happened. It would have been cool to do any of these as a finish I think.

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We're having a brew years eve party saturday april 14th. Celebrate your right to drink beer! April 7th, 1933 was the day the prohibition law was repealed. Beer was the first achoholic beverage to be legal again. The first delivery of beer was immediately made to the white house. So every year the brewer's association of america celebrates this day. We have to celebrate april 14th because a lot of school people are on spring break last week. It is at Thalers house. 617 grand street btwn lorimer and leonard. Take the L train to Lorimer or the G train to metropolitan ave. 10:00pm til ?. It's a celebration of beer so make sure to bring your favorite beer to spread the joy! Questions? Call Thaler 315-542-2522, or Jason 917-690-2251

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Jazz Times spot illo

the article is about jazz festivals this summer. Its very sarcastic begging balding out of shape baby boomers to please wear hats, clothes, and remember your age when conducting yourself at these outdoor festivals. basically don't embarrass yourself by being a giant eyesore. It mentions that you should post up near the porta potties so your frequent trips to the restroom dont inconvenience others. It also says that you're in your 50's now and your love handles and flab will traumatize babies and small children. They wanted him to look very sunburnt also.

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Rides Magazine

rides is a sort of hip hop car magazine published by XXL. this was for an article about Dip set member "Freekey Zeekey" and his car accident involving an old wrinkly woman bus driver that ran into his car and his friend in the passenger seat smoking.

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3 for Slate.com

there were for some special authors memoirs section. its all featuring poets.

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