Illustration swag!

Check out the swag I recieved in the mail for christmas from Jazz Times Magazine. I have done a bunch of illustrations for them over the past 7 months and they sent me these custom Jazz Times emblazoned Claves (latin preccusion instruments)! My first spoils of war of my freelance career! Thank you Jazz Times, my brother can't stand these things being clacked all day long.

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the Daily Bob

every year during the holidays i do my best to keep up a regiment of daily bobs. That is draw at least one sketch of my brother, Bob per day that i am in his company. Much to the annoyment of bob I have created a large number of bob sketches over the years, the best of which are showcased in the "book of b.o.b." in the sketchbook section of my website. Here are my book of bob sketches from this holiday season so far, luckily i will have another week with bob, so james, esther, diana, jack, and others, you all will have a shot at bob maybe friday night drink and draw? i took a break from drawing bob long enough to draw my cousin jared

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City Pages A-list illustration

This is going to be the A-list illustration for new year's week. it's about a this new years party somewhere in Minnesota where the theme is heaven and a little bit of hell. There are going to be ballet type dancers and partying and dancing and stuff.

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Sacramento News and Review Illo

Spot illo for the sac-town news and review. The art director really wanted to hammer home this general james jones character and I agree. He has been quoted basically saying "WE WILL NOT LOSE!!" and i thought that would be a fitting pictoral of the general. They didnt know if it was gonna be in color or black and white, newspaper guys, go figure. I kinda like the grey better actually, lot of good 3 hrs of coloring did guy.

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Boston Pheonix spot illo

This is for an article about the passing of 2006 and the deaths that is brought, including lou rawls, jack palance, billy preston, don knotts, the american dollar, the american motor industry, augusto pinochette, GOP power, and the chance that bush might go down in history as the worst pres ever. You might be thinking hey none of thoese guys looks like the guy! Well wat do you expect for little money and shorty deadline when they want 10 figures?I did the best i could under the not so good circumstances. This is wat you get! Bam!

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Ed Soyka Revisited

Ed Soyka revisited is a chilling thought but here he is again! they wanted him with bigger grey hair and a red tie, so here he is in all his glory.

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Boston's Weekly Dig Cover

This will be the cover for Boston's weekly dig over the holiday so it will be on the stands for 2 weeks. It is supposed to be a new year's cover with the new year's baby. 3 finishes to go before i can really enjoy some xmas drinks!

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Oh man, 4 new assignments today!

I got 4 new assignments, all today! 3 due monday and 1 due thursday. I can do it though! I've done it before, 3 illustrations over the weekend so I can do it again. 1 for Minnesota City Pages, the cover for Boston's weekly dig, one for Sacramento News and Review and one for the Boston Phoenix. Looks like i'm not sleeping this weekend either!

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Happy Holidays E'ry body

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Echo Awards Vinyl posters

These are vinyl posters for display purposes and may be used as other things as well i don't really know at this point.

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The Ed Soyka Project

this was a crazy commision i got yesterday from one of my old proffessors karen santry. The task was to do a portrait of another old proffessor and head of the F.I.T. illustration dept., Ed Soyka. He wears grey suits, talks a lot with his hands, and talks a lot in general. I had to go easy on him so he is not drawn as grotesquely as I like to draw my other characters. I had to turn this out over night so i stayed up till 6 this morning and now i want to die.

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Jazz Times again

this is for an article about people who clap after a set but are not even paying attention.

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Illustration process

I just found this picture i took a while ago. This is the point in the night that I usually feel relieved, when all of the figures and especially the faces on the figures are drawn. It's nice to lay them all out and take a look at them before i scan them and attack drawing the background if it hasn't already been done. they are all on separate pieces of paper for easier composition changes and stuff. I have stumbled upon or reworked many illustrations into crazier compositions because of this freedom. Anyway when it is 5 am it feels a little better when these guys are all drawn out.

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Boston's Weekly Dig Illustration

This will be a full page illustration in a coming issue. the headline, etc... will be on the facing page. It is about the difficulties immigrants in Boston have getting a driver's licence. They said it would be cool if I could include the writer's likeness in this one so he is the guy in the middle. Luckily i nailed it on the first shot so it didn't add any extra time.

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Art Show and T-shirt stuff

I'm having an art show this thursday, nov 9th at Fat Baby on 112 Rivington st. btwn Ludlow and Essex. It's a now monthly party put on by these two gals I know and their friends. blurb "Opening night at Fat Baby with DJ Yamez and Rob Swift on the decks and a very Special turntablist showcase by Rob Swift. Starting at 9pm, Art Showcase by Jason Raish and M.Galante. Custom T-shirts by James Chang (Yorkville) and Jason Raish. $3 beer and well drink specials at 9pm-10pm and again from 2am-3am. We want everyone there: whoever / whatever you are, It's all love :)"

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G2 ad agency work

This is how they ended up using the artwork for the 3 large posters. they took out the color glazes layer(red noses and such) and changed some other minor stuff. These are 3 print ads I did for them, still waiting to see how they put these together. I'm working on two more print ads for them now.

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Holloween Characters

I did these will working at the FIT graphics lab, the four crows are either bosses or technicians there. The pumpkin baby thing was for a holloween baby shower party. Kind of freaky looking.

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MikeSK Birthday Present

This is MikeSK. This was his birthday present, he really looks like that and he really molested a baby walrus. I will color this someday next month when things aren't so crucial. I have some designs with his brand and he is my partner in my little t-shirt endeavor coming up real soon. Don't you wish you had a 4 foot wide crotch?

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Jazz Times Magazine Full Page Illustration

full page illustration for jazz times magazine about jazz music on This one kind of took a looooot longer than I would have liked, me so sleepy, its 6:00am

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Portland Phoenix Cover

This is the cover for this weeks Portland Phoenix paper. It's about the two gals running for governor, the one blowing wind, her name is Olympia Snowe.

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City Pages(Twin Cities) illustration

This is for the Lead page of the City Pages (its in Minnesota) A-list, listing the weeks highlights. It is for this Jazz Festival they have every october and has something to do with 2 rivers, one in france and one in minnesota. Looks similar to the one i just did for entrepreneur because the art director was really into that one and wanted it to have that look.

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Boston Pheonix illustration

they called me in the morning and had to have the sketch approved and finish in their mailbox by 8:30 am the next morning. The article is about Chuck Klosterman, a celeb profiler and pop writer. You can read the story here

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Entrepreneur magazine illo!!

My first big dog magazine illustration, so easy to work with to boot! no revisions on anything!

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Ad Agency Work More

This is what is has come least i think. totally different! 3 posters now! I can't show all of it. These are characters for 3 posters. I am about tapped out on this project.

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Ad Agency Work

I have been working on some posters for an awards show for an ad agency and boy is it a nightmare. There are 2 dozen execs and art directors and creative directors and writers, etc... that have to approve everything before they even send it to the client to approve. I can count the revisions that i have had to make on 2 hands so far and there is more. Here are a few examples. First they wanted a normal person nothing too crazy, then i proposed this idea and they liked it, then they wanted warmer eyes, then they changed there mind and wanted a normal guy again. then they changed their mind and they want crazy funky characters which i am working on now. A few changes sure, but they have given the go ahead and approval 3 times and like 8 revisions already. They will probably change their minds again and then i will probably drop out.

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Finished Graphics Lab Poster

the finished graphics lab poster with type and without

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