City Pages(Twin Cities) illustration

This is for the Lead page of the City Pages (its in Minnesota) A-list, listing the weeks highlights. It is for this Jazz Festival they have every october and has something to do with 2 rivers, one in france and one in minnesota. Looks similar to the one i just did for entrepreneur because the art director was really into that one and wanted it to have that look.

Posted byJason Raish at 9:38 PM  


fumikoala said... 11:36 PM  

this is so beautiful(^___^)/

Anonymous said... 12:43 PM  

hey~ hi, it's Jung Eun(Jamie)
I see you have been doing real nice work for magazines!
I especially like your work of Raekwon and 2pac.
you don't mind I put that illustration on my cyworld homepage, do you? :)

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