The Ed Soyka Project

this was a crazy commision i got yesterday from one of my old proffessors karen santry. The task was to do a portrait of another old proffessor and head of the F.I.T. illustration dept., Ed Soyka. He wears grey suits, talks a lot with his hands, and talks a lot in general. I had to go easy on him so he is not drawn as grotesquely as I like to draw my other characters. I had to turn this out over night so i stayed up till 6 this morning and now i want to die.

Posted byJason Raish at 3:50 PM  


fumikoala said... 11:33 PM  

hahahaha! goooood job~!

Junko Miyakoshi said... 10:29 PM  

awesome dude!!!

Unknown said... 11:52 PM  

OMG! I have him for the first time tomorrow and this is just hilarious! Can't wait to see the similarities between your pic and him lol

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