The Ed Soyka Project

this was a crazy commision i got yesterday from one of my old proffessors karen santry. The task was to do a portrait of another old proffessor and head of the F.I.T. illustration dept., Ed Soyka. He wears grey suits, talks a lot with his hands, and talks a lot in general. I had to go easy on him so he is not drawn as grotesquely as I like to draw my other characters. I had to turn this out over night so i stayed up till 6 this morning and now i want to die.

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Jazz Times again

this is for an article about people who clap after a set but are not even paying attention.

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Illustration process

I just found this picture i took a while ago. This is the point in the night that I usually feel relieved, when all of the figures and especially the faces on the figures are drawn. It's nice to lay them all out and take a look at them before i scan them and attack drawing the background if it hasn't already been done. they are all on separate pieces of paper for easier composition changes and stuff. I have stumbled upon or reworked many illustrations into crazier compositions because of this freedom. Anyway when it is 5 am it feels a little better when these guys are all drawn out.

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Boston's Weekly Dig Illustration

This will be a full page illustration in a coming issue. the headline, etc... will be on the facing page. It is about the difficulties immigrants in Boston have getting a driver's licence. They said it would be cool if I could include the writer's likeness in this one so he is the guy in the middle. Luckily i nailed it on the first shot so it didn't add any extra time.

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Art Show and T-shirt stuff

I'm having an art show this thursday, nov 9th at Fat Baby on 112 Rivington st. btwn Ludlow and Essex. It's a now monthly party put on by these two gals I know and their friends. blurb "Opening night at Fat Baby with DJ Yamez and Rob Swift on the decks and a very Special turntablist showcase by Rob Swift. Starting at 9pm, Art Showcase by Jason Raish and M.Galante. Custom T-shirts by James Chang (Yorkville) and Jason Raish. $3 beer and well drink specials at 9pm-10pm and again from 2am-3am. We want everyone there: whoever / whatever you are, It's all love :)"

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G2 ad agency work

This is how they ended up using the artwork for the 3 large posters. they took out the color glazes layer(red noses and such) and changed some other minor stuff. These are 3 print ads I did for them, still waiting to see how they put these together. I'm working on two more print ads for them now.

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