Sketchy in Paris and Madrid

Some pages from a hemp paper sketchbook where i sawed off about 25% of it so it was taller and skinner.  I like this wide format.  As you can see I haven't really had the time to take advantage this wide format that much and have just been using it as a regualar sketchbook

i mess up people all the time so i decided to really mess them up after the fact.  Sorry Hyun.

Sorry Zhu Ru

Some Cafe in St. Michel

Chihiro from Tokyo 

at Merci in Paris

at Le Sancerre with Jenni from Sweden and others on Mont Martre in Paris

Marco Pardo in Paris.  doesn't look like him.

Celine de Paris at Les Emporte Piéces.  Doesn't look like her at all.  Damn i need to get my sketching game back!!!

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thenewwittys said... 3:36 PM  

those are super great! i should start sketching strangers too!

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