Scholastic Choices Magazine

4 characters for some spreads in Scholastic Choices magazine about different workout personalities.  this one is the "competitor".  "Yes, you live for the thrill of competition.  But when you hear the word move you think chess, not fitness.  Winning matters in whatever you do.  As does being the best".

this one is the "Chillaxer".  "You're most likely to be found reading a book, doodling, or watching TV.  Daydreaming is your forte - you've spent many a gym class trying to fade into the background".

this one is the "Socializer".  "Whether you're in the lunch line or online, you're in a constant converstation with your besties.  Hanging out is your favorite activity - sports would take you away from the group".

this one is the "Gamer".  "There's nothing you like better than settling in for some FIFA 13 or NBA 2K13.  When you're gaming you get such an adrenaline rush that you think you're really on the field".

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