I Finished a Sketchbook for maybe the first time ever!

I finished a sketchbook for maybe the first time ever!  It helps that it was only 25 pages and I bought it in London over a year ago.  But still, it's an accomplishment.  here's 18 pages of it,  the rest have already been on this blog before or they are just filled up with thumbnails i did for illustrations.

it got pretty balls in NYC in the summer of 2012 for a while there.  was 95 F (34C) this day with Bob

bob at a cafe in bedsty in nyc.  "bob's hair is one step away from being mine".

on the train in Korea.  mountain climbing grandmas and grandpas are all over the place in Korea.

on the train in Korea

at least he has those g-damn sport sandals off for once.  "That's negative space because they are sandals".  Bob in prospect park

This woman was with her husband and daughter or female family member around 40 yrs of age.  The daughter was quietly crying and left for a while.  Later the woman was crying and the husband was trying to comfort her.  Was he getting his passport to go somewhere forever?  Was one of them going somewhere forever?  sketches while waiting at the passport office in new york.  waiting to get my wings back!

sketches while waiting at the passport office in new york.  waiting to get my wings back!

Bob doing what he do

asian sleeper on the F train

pig trying to sleep on the A train.  looks like i forgot his ears.

Media douche?

Will I ever be able to complete another sketchbook?  i'm 5 pages away from finishing this watercolor sketchbook so who knows.  

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