Movie Inspiration - Wes Anderson's "Fantastic Mr Fox"

The 10th installment of Movies that inspire me as an artist. This time it is Wes Anderson's "Fantastic Mr. Fox". last year when i first saw this movie in production I thought it looked like crap. I love Wes Anderson and most of his movies are on my inspirational list so I still had my faith in him and boy did he deliver. This movie is sooooooo good. It is soooooo well done. I think the voice acting is as high on the list of goodness as the stop motion is. Sure its an all star celeb cast but it works due to the quirkiness of the cast and the quirky dry humor that Wes and Noah dish out. I love how he shot it at a super low frame rate like 15 fps or something like that so the stop mo really shows. You have to see this movie MOVE.

as always I love the type he uses. Maybe its the same one everytime? the context its used in works. Otherwise it is a crappy crappy font.

the landscape is stark and lonely but the characters keep you occupied. Again you have to be a fan of anderson's quirk and humor.

Anderson always takes advantage of the wide ratio. How awesome would it be if the illustration assignments i got were widescreen? Every frame is like an awesome lesson in composition.

awesome set designs and lighting

love this composition. The opossum guy is in the super background

he pushed the edges in this movie a lot, meaning less than a third of the screen contained the characters. Like here less than a third of the characters are framed in this shot. I'm diggin' it.

I can't recommend this movie enough for artists and for regular people. His compositions, camera movements, color choices, lighting, music choices, dialog, dry wit, humor, casting, and misc aesthetic choices are all on point AGAIN. Check it out, Anderson has proven himself again!

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Angel Zhang said... 9:07 AM  

Yes, I loved it! James and me watched several times.Glad you like it as well!!
Any other animation movies?

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I hate this creepy animation film, afox walking in two feet it's to much for me

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