Movie Inspiration - Mika Ninagawa's "Sakuran"

Another movie that inspires me as an artist, Sakuran. It's the directorial debut of photographer Mika Ninagawa so it is definitely a super aesthetically pleasing movie. In fact this isnt really a good movie, i mean its OK, its all style over substance, but for me as an artist it looks amazing. I guess just from looking at these stills it might look like a rainbow vomited on your screen but when you see it all moving it looks amazing. It stars Anna Tsuchiya who is a half japanese half russian singer in Japan. The music in the movie is by Ringo Shiina, the music is also good. It's about Oiran (Geishas weren't prostitutes, Oiran were but they were higher than Yujo who at the bottom).

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the ambient, scenario, characterers, and the plot of this movie is really good, in my personal case I'm a great fan of the Asian culture.

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