Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

This christmas is a special one for me, and not for good reasons. I was hit by a taxi last week when i was jogging somewhere in the streets of tokyo. I don't remember the accident or even the day prior. I had a deadline for a magazine and was worried that i wouldn't be able to make it only to look on my computer and see that it was done already. I escaped with only 4 days in the hospital, a black eye, and a tiny skull fracture that will heal in 2-3 months on its own they say. I didnt even have any bruises on my body. of course my neck still kills, It feels like how your neck feels the next day after getting punched in the face by a big guy in sparring class, only this time i got punched in the face by a 2 ton vehicle. When i look at that windsheild though i just cringe. So this holiday make sure you love your family, love your friends, and make sure you are doing things your way, because you never know when you're could leave this earth. I almost did.

In Japan its traditional to send a new years card. It usually features the asian zodiac animal for that year. 2010 is the year of the Tiger. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Acrylic, colored pencil, chinese ink, brush pen. This was my original idea, the crow representing the bad, with the tiger vanquishing the bad and leaping into the new year ready for 2010. I edited it out for the final holiday/new years card. You are supposed to mail these to your friends and fam and the post office in japan delivers it ONLY on January 1st cuz its bad luck or something if its before or after.

Posted byJason Raish at 8:45 AM  


New Year Wishes said... 9:55 AM  

wooo... man you are looking so wounded... have you beaten from some...?

Anonymous said... 1:13 PM  

happy holidays, get better soon

Chris Whetzel said... 4:51 PM  

wow, man sorry to hear about your accident, but i am glad you are recovering. happy new year, and i'm happy to see you are still around!

Ken said... 7:58 PM  

Wow. Good to hear you're okay, man. I see you made it to Japan! Congratulations, all the best there (don't think you remember me = )).

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