LImited Edition stuff with my stuff on it

These were both done via Kult, an agency out of Singapore.

cool getting mail from Singapore

this limited edition book with my japan themed artwork on one of the pages. I did this for Yahoo! Philippines. It was used on a lot of other products and limited edition PS3's.

I did this tiger translate artist series project last year for Tiger beer so they sent me this limited edition view master. I haven't used one of these since i was 6 looking at he man discs.
My piece with the little tigers flying out the window over the kid is on one of these discs

Posted byJason Raish at 10:03 AM  


Chris Whetzel said... 11:36 AM  

The book spread looks great. Do they represent you? And I didnt think viewfinders were cool enough for kids anymore; glad to see there's still fierce competition for all the video games.

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