Visual Inspiration from Japan

This is from my first day in japan in Osaka, a part called Suminoe. This is a double whammy because my old best buddy from when i went to school in SUNY Albany 9 years ago lives there! we were roomates 9 years ago and i havent seen him in 5 years at least. He is still a jerk. Me and John both used to be big a-holes and torture everyone. We've since calmed down and didn't do that much bad stuff. I wish we could have both been in Japan when were were 20. Then we probably would have ended up in jail a lot.

they have cigarette vending machines and drink vending machines everywhere. there are also a lot of beer vending machines

rotating sushi bar. it ended up costing $80 but it was sups good.

i dont know why these dont use these in china. they are little ring locks that go on the back of your bike. genius!

an attractive young lady on the subway. heels and short shorts are even more in fashion here than china which i am thoroughly enjoying.

1 out of every 5 buildings i pointed at john said were pachinko places. it is a big problem i guess. he fiance was telling me that lots of people leave their families, their jobs, to play pachinko. they even have a poster campaign now that says do not leave your baby in the car when you play because i guess some babies died in the summer sun.

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