Movie Inspiration - Wong Kar Wai's "In the Mood for Love"

More movie inspiration posts. This movie cemented me being a Wong Kar Wai fan. I saw Chung King Express when i was 18 and I liked it, I have to watch it again because when you're 18 you're a dumb@ss and don't even know what you're seeing. I've also seen 2046 (i fell asleep) and Fallen Angels. I just watched My Blueberry nights, his latest starring Nora Jones. Although a beautiful movie, It wasn't so hot. So to keep your faith in Wong Kar Wai alive here are some of my favorite captures from "In the Mood for Love". A beautiful, colorful, painful and long movie. Maggie's dresses are amazing throughout the movie. The soundtrack is the bomb, he uses 3 Nat King Cole songs in spanish! It also some great string pieces. The Cinematography in this film is on point! So are the shot compositions. he doesn't rush anything. A visually inspirational movie for me.

I am an analogous color schemes guy so i'm really into this

check out the red on green! in the wrong hands it would end up all christmasy.

i am also into patterns and maggie had on many amazing Qipaos (i just learned that word here in china)

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1minutefilmreview said... 1:55 PM  

Nice. Loved the film, we're WKW fans too.

Anonymous said... 1:45 PM  

Never seen any WKW, though someone had recommended 2046. Any other film/makers you recommend from a composition perspective?

I got around to seeing Darjeeling Limited and it was awesome, aesthetically and otherwise. Wes Anderson really seems to be doing his own thing. The only other film-maker that Ive seen put that much effort into compositions was kubrick, but his compositions always took me out of the movie for some reason.

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