Smirnoff Ad

This is a self promotional piece I did that will be my full page ad in the next Directory of Illustration source book that comes out in the fall. I am influenced a lot by movies so "Amelie", "Mind Game", and "Tekkon Kinkreet" were my big influences here, especially in the color department.

Posted byJason Raish at 12:55 PM  


Shlomo said... 10:41 AM  

This is a great piece. I love how it blends some of the themes from earlier pieces: the warped perspective of the sherlock homes drawings, the people just hanging out, and the furry guy. And the mashing of patterns, flatness and the line drawn-objects, always cool, works well with the product placement.

Jason Raish said... 10:48 AM  

Thanks Shlomo! i hope its not to dark in color

Anna Nadler said... 11:09 PM  

Jason, this is awesome! Love the fat little guy in the corner!

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