Movie Inspiration - Wes Anderson's "The Darjeeling Limited"

Movies are a big influence for me. I try to take screenshots of movies I like visually. Wes Anderson makes beautiful, colorful movies and his latest "The Darjeeling Limited" is no exception. It is set in India so of course the colors are amazing. Anderson is such an artist. His compositions are on point not to mention that I love his quirky dry sense of humor and the music he chooses. I love the wide format of film, I wish more illustrations were commissioned in this dimension. Lots of people might not like the humor but you've gotta appreciate the beauty of his shots.

Posted byJason Raish at 12:37 AM  


Eli Edmundson said... 12:31 AM  

There were so many great shots in this film! I gave up on the Life Aquatic a few minutes in but this one really inspired me too.

Shlomo said... 10:34 AM  

i went in to the life aquatic with a huge amount of anti-hype, and ended up thinking it was great relative to all the hatred it inspired.

Jason Raish said... 10:50 AM  

I actually loved the life aquatic, i love bill murray and i thought Wes's visuals were on point. baby blue track suits and red skully caps? brilliant! anyway i know a lot people arent into that movie, i just don't get it.

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