jazz times magazine

this was a quick turnaround full page for jazz times. its for an article about international students coming to america to study jazz in its birthplace.

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American Medical news

this is an illustration for american medical news. the article is about new technology in the medical field and getting consumers to embrace it. this is how the final layout came out

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The book of Bob Updated!

I had the fortune of seeing bob this weekend. I had a chance to sketch him twice! i had to follow him around the house while he read that g-darn harry potter book. its been way too long since i have drawn bob, and way too long since i've even sketched in my sketchbook. i had forgotten how good it feels when you don't care about the outcome. must not forget sketchbook. bonus i foound these sketchs from xmas time i forgot to scan ! see all of bob here. B.O.B. (book of bob)

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Rides magazine

for an article about rapper "Kia Shine" and his accident in is crysler sebring where the hood ended up flying off as he was trying to indescreetly drive home because he was driving without a licence.

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Backbone magazine

another full page illo for backbone magazine (canada) its for an article about public acess wi-fi being brought to downtown toronto. its kind of a different style than i usually do because usually i dont have to draw tons of buildings.

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Washington Post Sunday Arts cover

Here is how it ran today. pretty cool its so huge.

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