Adoptive Families magazine

Oh man this is for a full page illo in Adoptive Families magazine. its about how families can get along when everyone has a different temperment. I was really hoping that the art director would like the one of the family riding on their spirit animals, and he did! But! the editors did not! so tonight i have to go back to the drawing board. too bad that might have been the most funnest illustration i ever done did. I will update next week and you will see what they picked out. (oh yea this post is like my dirty laundry hanging on the line, as you can tell i am at the level of an 11 yr old artist at translating things in my head onto paper. Now you know!)

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Backbone magazine

This is a full page illustration for backbone magazine (Canadian). My first international job! Canadian money is worth less though but it still ok. the article is about Weblo, and one of those online virtual worlds where people can buy cities or countries or states or even landmarks like the CN Tower in Toronto pictured here. Tons of real world money is exchanging for virtual real estate. The concept was that normal people can stake their claim on virtual property like king kong and the empire state building. Then i thought it would look better with him beating his chest like originally planned. but now i dont know. oh well, who knows what they will pick.

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Sacramento New and Review Cover

This is the cover annnnnnd double page spread for the Sacramento News and review. It's about Joe Carnahan, a director that did "narc" and "smoking aces" that is coming out really soon.

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Art director said that the editors wanted to take the writer totally out and just have the tv and hands. Too bad.

This is for a blog on the site that this guy is running about american idol the tv show. I was lucky that this one was an over nighter not same day turn around, but those are lurking around the corner!

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Smile Faucet Video magazine spot

this was a personal fun project for SmileFaucet. its a video magazine that gives out a theme every 6 months i think it is and motion graphics guys, sound designers, illustrators, etc... can create short videos based on that theme. They come up with some cool stuff. I worked with 3 motion graphics buddies and 1 sound design guy on our 30 second spot. Here is a look at my portion. I will post up the video clip after the "premiere night" of every teams videos. The theme this time around was "Air". our idea was doing a commercial for a ficticious oxygen drink. the bear represents smog and the sumo represents the oxygen drink, 03one. The guy screaming is Stubbz.

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Fanta Commercial Pitch

This was a Pitch for Fanta Soda (coca-cola). You know it's that orange soda! It was commisioned by the SuperFad agency. The concept was that this one kid would spread the word of Fanta and everything that Fanta came in contact with would change from black and white to color by the end of the commercials. I think there were going to be a couple 30 second spots and one 15 second spot. It was supposed to be a Fanta Re-branding so it would have been big if they liked our pitch.

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Entrepreneur magazine illo

This was for an article about video blogging and using funny and wacky video clips to promote your business. I have a feeling they were not too keen on the fade away look so i think they might go with the version where his suit is totally visible. Too bad, i really wanted to start doing fade away illustrations again, strike 1 for jason

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Slate magazine illustration

This was for slate magazine, which is actually an online new magazine that publishes daily. So that means the craziest deadlines i've ever heard of. They said this time we're taking it easy on you but just so you know in the future we will need the sketch a few hrs after we call you and then a finish a few hrs after that. !!!!!!!!! This was about jobs that americans are starting not to do. if you feel like reading the article:

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Cat Commision

I was commissioned by my pal stubbz ( to create this cat illustration of his brothers cats for a wedding present.

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