Adoptive Families magazine

Oh man this is for a full page illo in Adoptive Families magazine. its about how families can get along when everyone has a different temperment. I was really hoping that the art director would like the one of the family riding on their spirit animals, and he did! But! the editors did not! so tonight i have to go back to the drawing board. too bad that might have been the most funnest illustration i ever done did. I will update next week and you will see what they picked out. (oh yea this post is like my dirty laundry hanging on the line, as you can tell i am at the level of an 11 yr old artist at translating things in my head onto paper. Now you know!)

Posted byJason Raish at 12:23 AM  


james gustavson said... 1:57 PM  

Oh man is right! Congrats on the great number of works you've been doing lately. It's a shame about the slate american idol one, I liked the drawing of the guy. Have you been up to any personal work these days?

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